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Sustainment & Maintenance

Business needs are always changing to meet with changing technology and business landscape. It is critical to ensure enhancements are made to the application software to keep up with the changes or, better yet, pre-empt those changes. It is also important to ensure latent bugs in the software are eliminated through the application software life cycle by implementing fixes. Performance is another important factor that needs to be monitored, measured and managed. At the core of our services is our overarching objective to ensure the mission of Government is satisfied through technology as an enabler.

CTE utilizes proven process oriented techniques to continually keep your software application delivering for you. We have the proven capability to deliver:

  • Add new functionality to business applications.
  • Customize application to evolving and changing customer needs.
  • Port applications to new platforms.
  • Legacy System Modernization.

CTE’s specific services are:

  • Application Maintenance Services for Microsoft
  • Application Maintenance Services for Oracle
  • Application Maintenance Services for IBM
  • Application Maintenance Services for SAP
  • Application Maintenance Services for SAS
  • Data Integration Maintenance and Sustainment Services
  • BI Solution Maintenance and Sustainment Services
  • Database Application Maintenance and Sustainment Services
  • Planning and Budgeting Application Maintenance and Sustainment

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