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Past Performance

Certified Technical Experts (CTE)

Success to us does not simply mean delivering on time and within budget -- we strive to go above and beyond that for each of our clients. Our focus is delivering and enabling a higher level of success. Here are a few examples of note:


CTE performed daily Oracle database administration duties to ensure maximum data availability and optimal database performance. This was performed to help proactively monitor database conditions which helped resolve potential troubles before they impact customer operations. CTE also performed application administration to include privileges, user administration, database tuning and backup/recovery processes. CTE was also responsible for troubleshooting and resolving customer trouble calls reported by individual users and individual program offices. CTE also ensured that databases were accessible and up-to-date with patches. CTE conducted installs, configurations, implementations, and maintained DBMS software and software suites to include third-party COTS products. CTE has a vast knowledge of Oracle Enterprise Manager.
CTE provided technical, functional and program management support to the Global Combat Support System (GCSS) program. This support encompassed the entire lifecycle of the program and spanned all work streams. CTE helped support GCSS in the areas of requirements analysis, blueprinting, system architecture, data lifecycle management, legacy deconstruction, information assurance, testing, end-user training, fielding and sustainment. CTE analyzed engineering documentation, drawings and plans, supported modeling and simulation testing, and provided technical data management support. CTE also provided support to configuration management and quality assurance and was instrumental in providing overall support to the GCSS-AF Integration Lab information system development.
CTE supported data requirements, data modeling, data usage, data acquisition planning and data testing. Within the CIE environment CTE supported areas of network design, help desk and sustainment activities, root cause analysis, issue resolution, development of metrics, trend analysis and reporting. CTE also played a role in supporting each customer in planning, developing, delivering and sustaining rapid solutions while maintaining the highest degree of quality while reducing the total cost of ownership for the customer.
CTE supported the Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segments (DCAPES) and Logistics Feasibility Analysis Capability (LOGFAC) Program Offices in the requirements management role. The work primarily consisted of, but was not limited to, requirements analysis, requirements development, case development and documentation of the work, including requirements database management. CTE helped sustain DCAPES which is the Air Force System of Record for presenting, planning, sourcing, mobilizing, deploying, accounting for, sustaining, re-deploying, and reconstituting Combat Air Power in support of Unified and Air Force Combatant Commanders’ (COCOM) requirements. Our efforts also helped sustain LOGFAC which is a Web-enabled application developed to support Operations and Logistics planning staffs at the Headquarters (HQ) Air Staff, Major Command (MAJCOM), Air Components and Unit levels.
CTE provided Strategic Communications support for BES. Our Strategic Communications requirement consists of four main areas: Communication Planning, Strategic Material, Customer Care, and Public Affairs.
CTE provides system support to the Air Force MRDSS, which incorporates all aspects of decision support required for management and deployment of people and equipment from MAJCOM and United States Air Force (USAF) medical views. CTE helps MRDSS to enable the USAF medical community to quickly and effectively monitor a unit's personnel/training and equipment readiness status in peacetime and wartime environments. Our efforts supplies MRDSS with readiness support in Project Management, Configuration Management, System Maintenance/Sustainment, Data Base Administration, Helpdesk Support, Establish/Maintain Training Server, Documentation Development/Maintenance, Software Maintenance, Information Assurance), System Enhancements and Changes, Technology Transfer and Refreshment, Reviews, Audits and Technical Interchange Meetings, MRDSS Training, and Performance Measures Matrix of the MRDSS application.
CTE efforts with LOGMOD provides support to the Logistics Module system at Gunter AFB, Alabama. Specifically, we supply the support in areas of Test Management, Application Systems Analysis and Functional Analysis. CTE offers Life Cycle Management Support that is required in the form of technical and support tasks associated with LOGMOD projects, programs, applications, and infrastructure. Our streamline services efficiently presents LOGMOD with the backing to incrementally maintain, test, and deliver.


(DISA/AHLTA) Medical Hospital Systems (MHS)

Supplied healthcare providers data access to beneficiaries digital medical files and additional information essential to providing quality care. Proactively monitored database conditions which helped resolve potential problems before they impact customer operations. CTE also performed application administration to include privileges, user administration, database tuning and backup/recovery processes.

42nd Medical Hospital Group

Dispensed prescribed drugs and medicines under the supervision of pharmacists or physicians. Also maintain pharmacy supplies and records using Medical Hospital System (MHS) database.
Serves as management support Physician Assistant and/or Nurse Practitioner in Trainee Health/Operational Medicine Clinic related to preventive and occupational medicine. Researched, develops, implements, and provides medical guidance on military public health, nutrition, immunization, and health education. Serves as liaison between training units and medical services. Created, maintains, and disposes of Government required records specific to scope of work. Prepares accurate medical records for quality assurance compliant with Government regulations.
Provides Trainee Health/Operational Medicine Clinic Support related to preventive and occupational medicine. Researches, develops, implements, and provides medical guidance on military public health, nutrition, immunization, and health education.
Maintains quality results by running standards and controls, verifying equipment function through routine equipment maintenance and advanced trouble shooting; calibrating equipment utilizing approved testing procedures; monitoring quality control measures and protocols. Identifies and communicates abnormal patient conditions by alerting and reporting all mandated information to supervisory personnel. Contributes to a safe and secure environment by following established standards and procedures; complying with legal regulations.

96th Medical Hospital Group

Provides anatomic and clinical pathology specimen services as scheduled by the Chief of the Department. Services in embed tissues, preparing paraffin blocks for cutting on rotary microtome, attaching tissue on specifically prepared slides, clearing paraffin from tissue, performing routine and special stains. Maintains histopathology records and instruments, maintain complete records of all surgical, cytological and autopsy specimens. Prepare diagnostic reports to various military and civilian medical facilities. Receive and prepare specimens for fixation, dehydration, and impregnation processes by manually or automatically sending specimens through a series of formalins, alcohols, clearing agents, and paraffins.
Independently perform a wide range of calibration and/or preventive maintenance and repair on medical equipment throughout associate units. Responsible for verifying calibration of equipment while identifying malfunctioning medical equipment to troubleshoot for preventive maintenance or to install replacement parts as required. Document and maintain maintenance actions on work orders in the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support database system. Inspect and test all biomedical and patient-related nonmedical equipment systems for compliance with current safety standards. Advise of problems of installing, repairing, modifying, and using biomedical equipment and support systems.

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