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  • Jenny Brown
  • 08/06/2018

Back To School Bash Presented by Certified Technical Experts

 The Back To School Bash at Jay
Back to School Bash Presented by Certified Technical Experts

We always keep in mind that we would not be where we are today if it were not for the experiences and opportunities along the way. The people I came across fostered my enjoyment of the pursuit of my potential, and I want to do the same for others. The Back To School Bash at Jay's Farm was another successful event presented by Certified Technical Experts. We do this every year to give over 200 children school supplies for the new year. An integral part to a child’s success in school is to make sure they have proper classroom supplies. Too many kids in too many zip codes have little to no access to the fundamental tools they need to learn effectively, and too many teachers are spending money out of their own pockets to bridge the gap. To be a resource  to provide much needed supplies for students who are in need gives us an opportunity to make a difference. Thank you to everyone that came out this weekend to make a difference in the life of a child. A very special thank you to all those that volunteered, participated and donated to this event:

Superintendent Michael Ryans of the Hale County school system and Probate Judge Arthur Crawford  attended and met parents and children.  

Kimberly Hill Sample Greensboro facility volunteered for facing painting

Rhodes & Rhodes Dentistry provided dental exams for children & parents.  

Wynell Gardner, RN represented  HRSA a Rural Alabama Prevention Center

Free Haircuts provided by Eugene Tinker Jr.

Water slide & Obstacle course donated by Timothy Rhodes Jr (TRJ  Transports)

SORC for help sponsoring & donating school supplies

Sebastian Tubbs provided his specialty in grilling hots & hamburgers

Certified technical Experts, Inc volunteers

Also want to thank everyone for donations & who volunteers from our family & friends of the Sawyerville Community to make this event a success for the more than 200 children as small as age 2 to age 18.


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